Album Review: Females on Fire by Various Artists

Album Name: Females on Fire
Artist: Various Artists
Year/Label: 2005 / Warrior Girl Music

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

This compilation of female artists was put together by Gilli Moon. This two-cd set represents a large amount of gifted women. There are plenty of musical styles here, but there’s a slight preference for folk and rock. No metal or jazz appears here, but this way it’s a more stylistic whole.

It’s impossible to mention all the tracks here, so I’ll just highlight some favorites.

The fragile-voiced That Girl Laura occupies a space between Sundays and Heather Nova.

Trysette’s “Give it up” is a funky track with a soulful vocal. It sounds commercial enough to be a hit.

Red 7’s “Story About a Friend” is a folksy little gem. The singer’s calm, clear voice stands out.

Gypsy Butterfly’s “Miracle” is a lovely song with a slightly exotic style. The singer has a nice husky voice and the backing is spirited.

Lizzie’s “Funky Young Flower” is a rockin’ track with a rapped vocal that recalls Nikka Costa.

Celeste Lear’s “Live passionately” is a powerful invocation of hope. It’s a little more laid-back than the title implies, but is all the better for it. The harmonica and funky guitar adds to the sound.

Alpha Cat’s “Wichita” ends the compilation on a nice note. It’s cool and relaxed. This record is worth a look to anyone who likes female vocalists.

Posted on December 8, 2005

Track Listing
Listen to track samples
1. I Know A Sister – Jamie Green
2. I’m Always Here – That Girl Laura
3. How Long – Astra Kelly
4. Undone – Gilli Moon
5. Give It Up – Trysette
6. Story About A Friend – Red 7’s
7. Signs – Rachel Garlin
8. Some Other Ordinary – Dina Gathe
9. I’m Free – Deborah Bishop
10. That Way – Vertigo Road
11. Miracle – The Gypsy Butterfly
12. I Will Always Miss You – Linda Geleris
13. Woman On The Stage – Tracy Stark
14. Heading For Shore – Joan Enguita
15. One Taste – Willow
16. Whispers Of Angels Wings – Kris Miller17.
15. Twisting In A Circle – Kim Erin
18. Beautiful World – Holly Light
19. Is My Everything Enough – Dina Gathe
20. Funky Young Flower – Lizzie
21. Circus Of Life – Gilli Moon
22. Brand New Day – Little Sista
23. Home – Wendy De Rosa
24. Good Man – Cindy Alter
25. No More Pity Parties – Lexy Collins
26. Live Passionately – Celeste Lear
27. Rollercoaster – Tch
28. What You Do To Me – Dianna Paige
29. Don’t Do It Alone – Chrissy Coughlin
30. Little Bit Of Gold – Penelope Torribio
31. Shadewriter – Kelen
32. Wichita – Alpha Cat

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