Sony installs crap on your computer

This pains me because I’ve always loved Sony, but they’ve gone overboard now. This is in an attempt to not let you copy the CD that you just bought from them. When you pop the CD into your computer, they install malware (malicious software) on your system which messes with a boat load of things. It doesn’t even stop you from copying as long as you use a good program. So it’s totally pointless, mean, disrespectful and probably illegal (they’re being sued 6 ways to Sunday)

I am not an expert at this so I’ll give you some links to investigate, but for now, we knoe that sadyly, Imogen Heap’s new CD, “Speak For Yourself” is on that is “infected” with this malware. If you have bought a copy of this CD, I would advise you to take the steps below and then return the CD to the store asking for your money back. Reason: The dis is damaged. It is, it’s just that Sony damaged it before they sold it to you. They maent to.

see the links below if you are worried about being infected by the
SunmComm DRM…which reportedly installs even if you cancel its
installation. I am told that this malware has another
dangerous security vulnerability.

Read More:
Uninstall: Uninstall the Malware (IE only)
Here’s a list of the affected titles: Affected TItles

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