Album Review: I Believe in Fairy Tales by Sky Salt

Album Name: I Believe in Fairy Tales
Artist: Sky Salt
Year/Label: 2004 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

I knew from the cover art that I would like this CD. Sometimes I’m wrong about these things, but not this time. It gives me that spooky ghosty feeling (which I adore) and the music stands up to that feeling.

Lead singer Xenia looks like an antique Victorian doll and the recording begins with a little ditty that sounds like it belongs in a demented carnival. Perfect. I love it.

Then as the “real” music starts you’re transported into a world of throbbing beats, haunting vocals and interesting intricate melodies. Xenia’s voice is soft but can still stand up to the louder songs and makes the softer ones, well, sing.

“Beautiful Angels” begins with a dissonant guitar line and blossoms from there into a beautiful dark rock song.

“Ago” has the band showing their more folksy side. It starts with acoustic guitar, then swells to a bit harder (that sounded naughty and I swear I didn’t mean for it to be).

The closer, “2 of a Kind” also begins with acoustic guitar and shows off Xenia’s voice quite nicely, even if it’s just because you can hear it better. Then toward the end the demented carnival comes back and it’s a beautiful ending. This is my favorite track I think (ask me again next week, it may change).

I’ve only listened a few times, but this is one that I’m sure I’ll be playing a lot in the coming months. Though I liked it from the very beginning, it’s grown on me even more with each listen.

Posted on June 17. 2004

Track Listing
1. I Believe In Fairy Tales
2. Paper Angels
3. Beautiful
4. Take Your Time
5. You Got It (Wrong)
6. How I Feel
7. Long Way/Interlude
8. Low
9. Ago
10. Wrong
11. 2 of a Kind / Epilogue

Sky Salt is now defunct. But you can visit Singer, Xenia’s new project (June 2008) [Doe Deere]


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