Album Review: I Think I Can See the Ocean by Elaine Lachica

Album Name: I Think I Can See the Ocean
Artist: Elaine Lachica
Year/Label: 2010 / Independent

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

I’ve reviewed Elaine Lachica’s dreamy music in the past and always enjoyed it, this new album is no different. She’s still an angelic presence on some stunning songs.

Bewilder is utterly gorgeous, Lachica’s vocals set against a soft backing. She’s as beguiling as a siren here.

April Train passes by delicately but with an upbeat tune. Her vocals are sublime as ever.

Hold on Fire sees her reach untold heights, with a pure vocal and an almost country-like tune.

Raputure is a bit more up tempo and wraps her vocal in shards of noise. It works surprisingly well as she sings as wonderfully as ever.

It’s another great album by a talented singer.

Track Listing
1. Behind My Mind
2. Tumbleweed
3. Bewilder
4. Jinx The Line
5. Imperfect
6. April Train
7. Wild Wielding
8. Never Fade
9. Hold On Fire
10. Collective Myth
11. Clearing
12. Jinx Reprise
13. Rapture
14. The Lake

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