Album Review: Keep Walking by Emily Maguire

Album Name: Keep Walking
Artist: Emily Maguire
Year/Label: 2007 / Shaktu Records

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

First I want to thank Emily Maguire and every other artist who includes his or her lyrics in the liner notes. I love to sit down with a record on the first listen and read along with the music. It somehow makes it so personal and intimate. This way I am able to really pay attention to the lyrics instead of thinking, ‘oh that maybe sounded cool, what did she say?’. So I got to listen to this one the way I most enjoy. Headphones, and lyrics in hand.

“Passing By” is a lovely song that has some funky rhythm stuff going on. Then Emily’s sweet subtle voice enters and it’s magical. You’re sucked in. Fuggetabouttit. The more I listen to this track the more I like it. It’s especially good on headphones.

According to her site, she is classically trained in piano and cello, added violin and viola and recorded all the parts herself to create her own string section. I tell ya, the cello and other strings really add to these songs.

“TV to Take it All Away” is a powerful song about how we know things are happening (war, hunger, crime) but it’s still kind of removed from us so we can ignore it. Even if just a little. It’s kind of got an eerie feeling.

“Back Home” has some lovely harmonies that really show case her warm and comforting voice.

This whole recording is very solid. While there are songs I like more than others they are all good and special in their own way. This is a great collection of songs and Emily Maguire is a class act.

Fun Fact: Emily and her partner (and bass player) live on a farm in Australia and they make goat cheese. How idyllic is that?

Posted on May 24, 2007

Track Listing
Listen to track samples
Listen to track samples
1. Something
2. Keep Walking
3. Passing By
4. Lately
5. Standing
6. TV to Take it Away
7. All That You Wanted
8. Back Home
9. One Good Thing
10. Wanted
11. Someday
12. She Knows

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