Album Review: Les Branches des Arbres se Soulèvent by Louise Vertigo

Album Name: Les Branches des Arbres se Soulèvent
Artist: Louise Vertigo
Year/Label: 2008 / Le Chant de Monde

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Singer Louise Vertigo makes soft, almost Sade-like music on her new album. She has the voice for it and the music transports me to the swinging sixties, a cocktail party attended by people in fancy clothes. She covers Gainsbourg’s Initials BB and gives it a nice reading. She vamps it up vocally to a cool groove.

La Traversée is jazzy and filmic, Vertigo singing sweetly to a nice backing.

Rouge is a soft song, Vertigo’s style handled well. It’s got that filmic quality to it that most of the songs here do. Louise Vertigo’s album is really nice to listen to.

Posted on March 18, 2008

Track Listing
1. La Légèreté
2. Initials BB
3. La Traversée
4. Ballade Pour J
5. Lune Rousse
6. Mille Paires De Cuisses
7. Rouge
8. Fatalitas
9. Nohant
10. J’Avance
11. Acheter
12. Pénélope Ether
13 Encore Un Jour

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