Album Review: Live by Vicki Genfen

Album Name: Live
Artist: Vicki Genfen
Year/Label: 2003 / Acoustic Music Records

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

Very impressive guitar playing. Reminiscent of old Ani DiFranco. Genfan’s voice is very different than DiFranco’s however. The songs are maybe half instrumental, but she does sing on a few songs and she has a really pleasing voice that is a perfect match for the amazing finger picking style and tuneful songs.

The songs are very peaceful, well written and extremely melodic. She is definitely not only a gifted guitar player, but songwriter as well.

This is not what I would call a sing-along CD. It’s really more of one to listen to when you just want to close your eyes, relax and feel in the presence of a really good guitar player who has a knack for writing beautiful melodies.

Posted on May 9, 2004

Track Listing
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1. New Grass
2. Impossinova
3. What’s Going On
4. Outside the Box
5. Why Don’t Love Sit Still
6. Si
7. Offerings
8. Don’t Give Up On Me
9. Kali Dreams
10. Catch Me
11. Carry Me Home

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