Album Review: Love Tattoo by Imelda May

Album Name: Love Tattoo
Artist: Imelda May
Year/Label: 2008/Ambassador /Amba

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Imelda May looks sharp and she sounds it too, on this album. Her music is a bit rockabilly and a lot rock.

“Johnny Got a Boom Boom” is as cool as Stray Cats could be, May sounding feisty to a pared-down backing.

“Knock 123” shows a softer side and is jazzy in a pleasing way.

The title song is catchy and though mired in the past, has a contemporary twist. May brings out her inner Wanda Jackson to great effect.

“Falling in Love With You Again” beautifully paints a lovely image, May sounding vulnerable. Danny McCormack’s piano lends itself well to the song.

This album is a delight.

Track Listing
1. Johnny Got a Boom Boom
2. Feel Me
3. Knock 123
4. Wild About My Lovin’
5. Big Bad Handsome Man
6. Love Tattoo
7. Meet You at the Moon
8. Smoker’s Song
9. Smotherin’ Me
10. Falling in Love With You Again
11. It’s Your Voodoo Working
12. Whatcha Gonna Do

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