Cayamo/Paste Contest

A few of Collected Sounds friends and favorites are involved in a contest and I’m requesting your help.
Paste Magazine is holding a contest called Rock n Reel at Sea which awards the winner a performing gig on the [Cayamo Cruise] which takes place next spring.

I first heard about this cruise when a friend of mine went last year. It sounds like just about the most fun a music loving person can have. It’s basically a cruise (I don’t even remember where, does it even matter?) but on board are several fantastic musicians, who perform throughout the trip. Some of the artists include; Lyle Lovett, Patty Griffin, Shawn Colvin, Vienna Teng…I know! Crazy fun, right?

I wanted to go this year but when it was announced I did not have a job (no job=no money=no vacation). Now it’s just too expensive for me (it was less expensive when it was announced). So maybe next year….but anyway…Brianna Lane, Edie Carey and Ellery are all finalists for this great prize.

Here’s what you do. You go to [Paste’s Site]. Enter your email address and on the next page you will see a photo of an artist and graphic that when clicked plays a song from that artist. Rate the artist 1-5 (5 being tops) and it will send you to the next artists. There are 20 artists so obviously you will have more than one 3 for example (this was not clear to me at first, I thought I was going to hear 5 artists and had to rank them in order…NOT SO).

I did this last night and while it took awhile (and I had to mute Entertainment Tonight—gasp!) it was totally worth it. Along with being able to vote for my tried and true favorites, I learned about several new artists I want to check out. In fact, I think it took me a long time because I actually listened to most of the songs offered, you really only have to listen to a few minutes, but I liked most of them so well I listened to the end. (and I signed up for some mailing lists and also did some eMusic searches for later purchases! Whee…I’ll talk about that another time).

So if you’ve got a few moments head over [HERE]

You can vote one per day, per email address. (Note, they have not spammed me either)

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