Album Review: Rosa Chance Well by Rosa Chance Well

Album Name: Rosa Chance Well
Artist: Rosa Chance Well
Year/Label: 2001 / Kimchee Records

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Debuting band Rosa Chance Well sound folksy and intimate on their album. Vanessa Downing’s voice is beautiful and capable of wonderful things. She takes the already good songs and makes them even better.

The cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Bad Moon rising” is a treat, dripping with suggestive menace and seductive loveliness. “Drink Drank Sunk” is a powerful tale of the downside of drinking.

It’s an album that enchants the listener.

Posted on December 28, 2001

Track Listing
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1. A Wonderful Life
2. There’s Nothing Left to Spend
3. Natural Disaster
4. Winter Chronicles
5. And So Then Were We
6. Bad Moon Rising
7. We Wore Long Sleeves
8. Parasol, Kites and Embers
9. The Kingdom
10. Drink Drank Sunk
11. Bell’s Inn

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