Album Review: Seconds by Kate Rogers

Album Name: Seconds
Artist: Kate Rogers
Year/Label: 2005 / Grand Central Records

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Kate Rogers follows an album of her own songs with some acoustic covers.

Smiths “Big Mouth Strikes Again” sounds sun-dazed and jazzy in this setting. Rogers sings sweetly and girlishly so the contrast with the original is obvious.

Radiohead’s “Climbing Up the Walls” is spidery and slightly uneasy.

Mostly Rogers approach works and she brings out new things in the songs.

Pixies “Here comes you man” was always hummable, but this less urgent, softer take is quite good.

Takes on Neil Young’s “Broken Arrow” and Green day’s “Brain Stew” sound good too.

This is perhaps nor the greatest cover album ever made, but it’s good enough to be recommended.

Posted on July 25, 2005

Track Listing
1. Big Mouth Strikes Again (The Smiths)
2. Climbing Up The Walls (Radiohead)
3. Sail (Aim) Click to Listen
4. Here Comes Your Man (The Pixies)
5. Big Me (Foo Fighters)
6. Broken Arrow (Neil Young)
7. Miss You (Blink 182)
8. Brain Stew (Green Day)
9. Nothing Appeals To Me Here (Kate Rogers)

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