Album Review: Shine for Me by Melissa Maki

Album Name: Shine for Me
Artist: Melissa Maki
Year/Label: 2002 / Independent

Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

Melissa Maki’s EP, “Shine for Me” is a nice surprise. She has a voice much more mature than her 16 years. If you listen to this CD then check out her website, the fact that she links to Hanson’s website reminds will remind you that she’s a teenager. Not that Hanson aren’t talented, because they are, just that most people over the age of 30, like me, don’t commonly link to their website. It’s charming!

This demo is one of the strongest I’ve heard. The songs are catchy (in a good way), the production is of high quality (a rarity in demos) and her voice is amazing. My only disappointment was that the CD wasn’t longer! I’ll be looking forward to her first full-length CD. This girl is going places.

Posted on July 22, 2002

Track Listing
1. Waiting
2. Shine for Me
3. Missing You

[Melissa Maki Official Site]

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