Album Review: Smash by Cindy Alexander

Album Name: Smash
Artist: Cindy Alexander
Year/Label: 2003 / Independent

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Review by Tara Hartmann

Cindy Alexander is probably one of the most talented unknowns in the business. Although I love having her as a secret, it’s time that the rest of the world discovers what L.A. music insiders have known for years – that Cindy is one of the best singer/songwriters of her generation.

“Smash” is a journey through a sometimes warped, sometimes whimsical and sometimes all too familiar life that is brutally honest to the point of blushing. If you like rock, it’s here. If you like groove, it’s here. If you like lyrical ballad, it’s here. If you want major label quality from an independent artist, it’s here.

A soundtrack for those ready to face insecurity, loneliness, angst, and love with some self deprecating humor, razor sharp wit and ultimately, faith. An outstanding follow up to her debut (See Red), “Smash” will not disappoint the discerning music fan.

Highlights are “Jamie” (superb modern rock production by Michael Lord – reminds me of the last Tori Amos record), “I’m So Sad That You’re Happy” (hit song, produced by David Darling – Sheryl Crow and Aimee Mann fans will be won over), “818” (lyrics at their finest, and so catchy I guarantee it will be running through your head after the first listen), and “Tour Song” (angelic and deeply moving vocal, a la Sarah McLachlan or Chantal Kreviazuk).

Cindy Alexander is hit artist…the world just doesn’t know it, YET.

Posted on May 9, 2003

Track Listing
1. Smash
2. I’m So Sad (that You’re Happy)
3. Jamie
4. Smash
5. Only Love
6. Born Again Virgin
7. Idiot Child
8. Carnival Junkie
9. 818
10. Right On
11. Tour Song
12. Heaven Knows

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Rating: 5 Stars
This album has everything you would want. Slow songs like Only Love and Tour Song. It has rocking tracks like Smash and Carnival Junkie. As well as generally impressive and heartfelt tracks like, Idiot Child and Heaven Knows. This is a great album from the first track to the last. One you’ll definitely listen to again and again.

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