Album Review: Snake Bird Blue by Terror at the Opera

Album Name: Snake Bird Blue
Artist: Terror at the Opera
Year/Label: 2004 / No Sides Records

Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Faith Gazic and Gretchen Gonzales make up Terror at the Opera. They play the moog, accordion and toy piano and their music is delightfully odd.

“Aminor” sees them play a seasick melody and sing with childlike awe and wonder.

“Daystar” is another song that few others would attempt. The groups devotion to sounding quirky ensures it’s as sweet as its crazy.

“Build your house” is a hazy lullaby. The lead vocal is fragile and the accordion adds to the charm. “Build your house on my heart” go the words.

“Let’s Pretend” is spiteful and pretty. It’s the most straightforward song here.

The group land somewhere between Rasputina and CocoRosei which is a cool place to be

Posted on August 23, 2004

Update from 2008: The ordering info on this one was to send “well-concealed cash” through the mail to their record company. The company’s PO box has been closed and the bands links have been removed. The bands website is gone as well.

Track Listing
1. Lovely
2. Lovely Day
3. Aminor
4. Sailor
5. Daystar
6. Build Your House
7. Back On Eeee
8. Let’s Pretend
9. Snakes And Moths
10. Coyahoga River
11. Sailor Says Goodbye
12. Jhonny Appleseed
13. Magic Dream

(Terror at the Opera Official Site is gone)

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