Album Review: Something Of My Own by Marina V

Album Name: Something Of My Own
Artist: Marina V
Year/Label: 2003 / Crazy Apples Worldwide

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Review by Steven Digman

It is the ‘Quality of Voice’ that sings the ‘Quality of Meaning’ into Song
– An old musical proverb (or at least it should be).

And the voice of Marina Gennadievna Vernikina should musically convince any listener, in the legitimacy of the above (and I admit it) recently written proverb.

Opening with the title track “Something Of My Own”, Marina brings (sings) the beautiful vocal interlingual rendition (from Russian to English) of lyrical melting soul. Sung within the landscape of well-driven piano, Marina dreams (sings) about… “Feeling strangled for voicing different thoughts.” And it is just this ‘voicing’ that makes this melody, into a very verb intensive, beautiful song. And after listening to it twice, I should place two, explanation points… ‘Hear’!!

“Falling” (the forth-track) is driven by the rhythmic touch of percussion within the tasteful, surround sound of passion (passion being the name of Marina’s voice).

The six-track “That’s The Way It Goes” features the wonderful punctuation of verbalized vocal humor, which is sung ‘against and with’ a well-played piano – gone mad.

Her best song however is ” Taet Sneg” (the ten-track). ‘Hear’ she sings the vocal interlingual Reinterpretation of the first track (from English back to Russian). Only this time singing with the original emotion, of Russian ‘art’uated song.

With eleven-tracks written and recorded by Marina Gennadievna Vernikina and Nick Baker, MARINA V. SOMETHING OF MY OWN is the high value distribution of good Vocal Vodka, and should be taken by the ears – audio(ly), and administered to the soul!

Posted on February 8, 2004

Track Listing
Listen to track samples
1. Something Of My Own
2. Killing My Dream
3. Ocean
4. Falling
5. Just Another Sunday
6. That’s The Way It Goes
7. You Saved Yourself
8. Holy One
9. Gone
10. Taet Sneg
11. On This Christmas Night
12. Best Steven

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Rating: 5 Stars
Comment: hi maria i listed to you music i think you very long way i think you should came to the uk and play in live i make a one in the uk muisc play list
~ kevin shephard on Wednesday, March 2, 2005

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