Album Review: Somniloquy by The Endless

THE ENDLESS: Somniloquy

Album Name: Somniloquy
Artist: The Endless
Year/Label: 2009 / Queen of the Moon Music

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

The band’s description of this record could not be any more my cup of tea. “Dreams, ghosts, mediums, and stage magic permeate this fourth release” they also use words like: haunting shoegaze and dreampop. So yeah, it’s a given that I love this.

Adriana Roze’s gorgeous voice is both whispery and operatic when it needs to be (and not when it doesn’t, that’s an important distinction).

The melodies are entrancing and the different layers of music floating above and under the main layer combine to make something very pleasing to my ears. It’s as if every little ‘tik-a-tik’ was intensely labored over so that it would be in the perfect place at the perfect volume and I’d say mission accomplished.

Standouts for me include: Lit From Within and Vespers, but they’re all lovely.

I’ve always loved this band, but this is an exceptional release.

Track Listing
1 Lit From Within
2 Merge
3 Hunt for the Heart
4 Confidence Trick
5 Was I Not Your Muse?
6 Shock of It All
7 After the Gold Rush
8 Vespers
9 Somniloquy
10 Rosabelle: Answer – Tell

[The Endless Official Site]

Check out their video series on the making of this album. Really interesting stuff!


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