Album Review: Tangria Jazz Group by Tangria Jazz Group

Album Name: Tangria Jazz Group
Artist: Tangria Jazz Group
Year/Label: 2008 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

I did a mini review awhile back of this group’s previous release with the confusing title. I think we decided the title was: “Mebane’s Eleven, Tunes for Two” .

I see they’ve made things easier this time by using the band name as the album name as well. Whew.

Again, not a huge jazz connoisseur but I like this. It’s perfect for dinner, cocktails, conversation, or just relaxing with the paper. Makes me feel all sophisticated-like. Lord knows I could use some of that in my life sometimes.

Some I know once said jazz music sounds like a bunch of instruments falling down the stairs. This isn’t like that at all. It’s melodic and rhythmic and really nice.

Oh and I want to greatly thank all of you who commented last time on how it’s OK if I am not well versed in jazz, you made my day…week…month! Those die hard jazz fans can be mean.

Posted on February 14, 2008

Track Listing
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1 Nature Boy
2 Israel
3 Impressions
4 Teach Yourself to Live Elsewhere
5 Isotope
6 Bamako Love Walk
7 Black Nile

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