Album Review: The Other Side by Anya Singleton

Album Name: The Other Side
Artist: Anya Singleton
Year/Label: 2008 / MAINKEY Publishing

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

I reviewed Anya Singleton’s EP back in 2006. At the time I compared her to Norah Jones. Funny, but I did hear the Norah Jones thing this time too (even before re-reading the older review), though the general sound is much different.

I had in my head that Anya’s music was jazz. I was expecting some smooth sounds for sipping wine. So I nearly fell over when the first song came on and it was super bluesy-rock and made me want to grab a whiskey instead.
Singleton has a great, strong, gutsy voice. Sometimes that style can be a little off-putting to me, but she is so good I really enjoy it. She also knows how to take it down a notch or two when needed.

I especially like Replaceable, it’s more rock and really fun. I bet it’s fantastic live.

Sand Castles is really nice too, more mellow, folky. It shows off her great voice better than some of the other songs do.

This is not a genre I listen to with any frequency, but those of you who do will surely fine much to love here.

Track Listing
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1 Don’t Tell Me
2 Small Disasters
3 Wake Up
4 Van Gogh
5 Simple
6 Replaceable
7 Sandcastles
8 Farewell
9 Nevermore
10 Stop This Train
11 The Other Side

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