Album review: The Vigil by Alice Bierhorst

Album Name: The Vigil


Year/Label: 2008 / Independent

Anna Maria has reviewed Alice Bierhorst in the past, so she’s much more familiar with her music than I am. But I’m glad I’ve gotten a chance to sit down with her stuff and give it a good listen.

There’s a very minimal style here. Nothing too fancy. Low-fi almost. While I do like the really lush production of some artists’ albums, I can really appreciate the minimalist sound of those done like this. The thing an artist needs to be aware of, is if his or her…um talent…can handle that little amount of help. Berhorst’s can.

She has a unique but appealing voice. It’s not what you’d think of as a really stellar quality, but it’s sort of quirky and cool.

‘Thank You’ is more upbeat and uses more instruments. It’s kind of a boppy number.

‘The Secret’ is a real standout for me. It’s sort of haunting. It’s caught my attention several times when I’ve had her record on shuffle with others. It’s got a little more instrumentation, though still has a lean feel.

‘So Alone’ is a capella and sounds almost like a gospel. Pretty cool! I love the melody.

‘I Don’t Want to Be Free’ has a 70s pop feel. Lots of ‘ba-da-da-dah’s and swoony background singers.

This is a nice refreshing sound from an artist I should have known more about long ago, but I’m glad I finally caught up!

Track Listing

1 Gratefully
2 Do You Dream
3 Thank You
4 I Will Always Love You (When I’m Alone)
5 I Don’t Want to Be Free
6 Come Little Baby
7 The Vigil
8 The Secret
9 Mercurial Ways
10 So Alone
11 Wings Again
12 Anchors Away

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