Album Review: Guts and Garbage by Kirsten Price

Album Name: Guts and Garbage

Artist: Kirsten Price

Year/Label: 2008 / KPI

My original thought when I saw this CD was that it didn’t look like something that would appeal to me. My copy had a different image. She looked really hard and sort of bluesy. But I listened anyway, as I always do.

Color me pleasantly surprised. Some songs are still a bit harder than what I generally like. But I do like some of her songs. She’s more of a soulful pop style. Definitely blues in there, but there’s lots of other stuff as well. There’s a radio-friendly party feel to this. By that I mean, good to have on the background or as theme music to driving, but not something I’m going to sit down and contemplate.

All Right is good. It’s very melodic. I like it much better than Crazy Sexy Beautiful which is too…something…not sure what…for me.

5 Days Old, while starting out bluesy, is still really cool sounding. But I kind of wish it had not turned so dance-y.

I’m finding that I enjoy how the songs start out, but then just before they hit the chorus they make a turn that I wish they didn’t.

So for the most part, not for me. But she’s talented so I hesitate to say anything too negative about her. I can only describe what works and doesn’t for me. I’m about 50/50 on this. I could be swayed either way.

Track Listing

1. Magic Tree
2. Crazy Beautiful
3. Fall
4. Let Me Go
5. All Right
6. Possibilities
7. Red Hot
8. 5 Days Old
9. Bring Me Back
10. Freedom

[Kirsten Price MySpace] (no official Site)


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