Album review: Ashes by Buddahead

Album Name: Ashes

Artist: Buddahead

Year/Label: 2008 / Fear Of Cheese Records

I have to say, I think their name is misleading. I am not sure why, but I was not expecting nice emo-type music. The artwork matches, I guess, but the name? Maybe it’s because it recalls to me the name Motorhead. Anyway…I do like this.

Lead singer, Raman Kia has a very wide ranging and pleasing vocal style . It’s the slightest bit smoky and very emotional. Reminiscent of Coldplay, but has also sort of a Gregory Douglass feel sometimes too…on the higher notes anyway.

The music is all indie-pop with jangly guitars and swelling crescendos. Pleasing melodies and perfectly radio friendly. These songs are well written, catchy and make good use of the power of the crescendo and decrescendo.

I don’t know that Id’ be able to pick them out of an Indie-Emo line up, but they’re nice to listen to.

Track Listing

1. Rum
2. Broke
3. Sour Grapes
4. Curning Out
5. Standing Still
6. Strangest Most Beautiful
7. Rescue Us
8. If I tried
9. Story of Our Lives

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