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Something interesting happened recently…at one of my house concerts there was a woman there who was also a musician. She had sent me her CD for review. I have not yet decided if I like it enough to review it. So when she asked about it I told her that I had gotten it, but hadn’t done much but listen a couple of times on shuffle with everything else I have in the queue right now (which is over 50 cds). Which is absolutely true.

Then the conversation went around the block a few times and I was trying to convince the guests that they should come to the show I had coming up next. When I asked this particular person if she was coming her response was to say, “Ew, I don’t know, I’ve never heard her before.” I was kind of floored. Not that she had not heard this artist, but that she seemed unwilling to give her a shot. Yet, she expected me to not only give her a shot, but write a review for her, which takes hours of my time.

This is not the first artist I’ve met who wants people to do things for them, but seem unwilling to support other musicians. I knew someone else who would complain about the lack of attendance at her shows, but go out and play a show, do an opening act then leave as soon as she was done because she had to get home to her bubble bath. I’m always amazed by that. You (indie musicians) are all in this together and sometimes you are all you’ve got! It’d be great if you supported each other!

On the flip side I do know several musicians who are very supportive of one another. Rachael Sage is one of them. Whenever I see her we end up talking about all the musicians we know and love. Gregory Douglass is too. We’re always sharing our musical discoveries. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that those who are willing to seek out new and different music are the ones creating fantastic and interesting songs themselves.

I know I don’t get out to shows as often as I should. In fact, just recently I had to forgo one I really wanted to see because I had to shampoo my carpets for the house concert (the dogs had peed on them that day, and you know, you have to shampoo the day before or it won’t dry in time!). So I am guilty of this sometimes too, however I am asking nothing in return.

I try not to judge, but don’t know, I just found it odd. Thoughts?

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  1. June 13, 2008 at 4:50 pm

    Although what you’ve written about is quite common, I think artists (especially those who are novices or over-eager) are more giving and gracious than they project. So many of them get “stuck” in a get get mindset because of their (sometimes momentary) ambition.

    Fact is, most ARTISTS don’t have the best social skills, and most PEOPLE take a long time to learn the hidden benefits of being helpful to others.

    All we can do is commit to learning from their mistakes, and keep ourselves from occasionally getting stuck in that same mentality.

  2. anna
    June 14, 2008 at 1:51 pm

    Hmm..that’s sad..what you give is what you get back I find. I hope more artists learn to be supportive of ecah other.

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