Album Review: Tiny Airplane by Sanawon

Album Name: Tiny Airplane
Artist: Sanawon
Year/Label: 2005 / Suburban Home Records

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

I have been addicted to this CD for weeks so I figured I might as well review it and share it with you all.

I was aware of Jenny Choi (the lead singer of Sanawon) because my lovely contributor, Anna Maria Stjarnell reviewed her CD, “Grand and Ashland” back in 2001.

Then I met Jenny at a house concert…surprisingly one I was not hosting! She was very sweet (and hilarious, I might add). She was opening for Emm Gryner that evening and as soon as she opened her mouth to sing I was hooked. (I love Emm too but that’s another story)

Her voice is very unique, almost girly but not in an annoying way at all. It’s really quite sweet and goes really well with the music.

The songs are very well written pop tunes that will stick in your head for days. I have been singing, “I’m on this tiny airplane to you…” quietly under my breath for three days now.

I just can’t seem to get enough of this record. If you like intelligently written pop-rock music please check this out.

Oh and “Sanawon” is Korean for “fierce”.

Posted on November 30, 2005

Track Listing
1. Best Worst Thing
2. Scary Song
3. Tiny Airplane
4. Count To Ten
5. Ruin
6. Dust
7. Pretty Horses
8. The Fix
9. When Everyone Leaves

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