Album Review: Unchartered Territory by Michele Ari

Album Name: Unchartered Territory
Artist: Michele Ari
Year/Label: 2012 / Independent

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

After two previous eps, Michele Ari returns with an equally deft new effort. She plays emotionally charged rock and with great élan here.

Opener Wounded Man has a great central riff, and a gorgeous mood to boot.

The title song is a rockin’ tune with a great melody. Ari’s vocal is wonderfully deft. She resembles Debbie Harry here and that’s always cool.

Live Without This is a sensitive ballad that brings out her softer side well. She sings of lost love with a great deal of empathy and insight.

Too soon the closer Real comes along. It’s an electrically charged powerful number that leaves you wanting more.

It’s an ep that makes the listener aware of just how gifted Michele Ari is. And this stuff is catchy enough to be on the radio, though has enough edge to be taken seriously.

Track Listing
1. Wounded Man
2. Unchartered Territory
3. Little Wars
4. Live without this
5. Real

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