Album Review: We Are Not the Same by Lux

Album Name: We Are Not the Same
Artist: Lux
Year/Label: 2012 / Independent

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

David Chandler and Leah Rosen are Lux and this is their debut album. It’s a pretty mixed bag of styles, but it all holds together well.

Coroner’s Office is a synthy and poppy song where Chandler sounds suitably laconic.

The Window sees Rosen on vocals with a sweet tone and a catchy very eighties backing. It’s a perfectly summery song and it might endear itself to the listener by that fact alone.

Cerebellar Ataxia is a haunting moment that sees the duo making some very filmic music. It sounds like a sci-fi soundtrack with swirling synths and moody tones.

I’ll Try to Ignore the Fact That You Are Drowning is a harder-edged track that sees Chandler assume a more energized tone and it suits him well.

It’s a remarkable album all told.

Track Listing
1. Coroner’s Office
2. Out Of Love
3. The Window
4. Valerie, They’ll Never Understand
5. Little Cripple
6. X 3
7. Cerebellar Ataxia
8. Candy Lux
9. Cachexia
10. A Study In Apathy (Drugs, Etc)
11. 1000 Airwaves
12 I’ll Try To Ignore The Fact That You’re Drowning
13 Blackout

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