Album Review: Undiscovered Gems by Various Artists

Album Name: Undiscovered Gems
Artist: Various Artists
Year/Label: 2003 / Virt Records

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

Virt Records, home of Collected Sounds favorites, Vienna Teng, Beth Boucher, and Rachel Gaudry has put out a fantastic CD. Of those ladies, only Boucher appears on this recording, but the CD is full of other great new finds. I don’t normally make mention of every song on a CD, but since these are all so good and all by different artists I think it calls for it.

Gramophone starts off the CD with “Mr T.” a very pretty song reminiscent of early Sarah McLachlan. (and no, I don’t think it’s about THAT Mr. T.)

Alice Marie’s offering “Madeline” is equally dazzling and a tiny bit haunting.

“Something More” by Outloud Dreamer is a little more upbeat and the vocals remind me of Sheila Nicholls…a very good thing.

Beth Boucher’s “Unstamped” is a good example of her catchy songwriting and her smooth lovely voice.

Andrea Klas’ contribution is the sparkling “Ride” with its driving almost-disco beat and strong vocals.

“Gulf of Mexico” by Cameron Dezen is a nice way to come down from the previous song. It’s got a little bit of a minor key thing going on that is quite appealing.

Trespassers William has been reviewed on this site by Anna Maria Stjarnell but I had not heard them before. I’m glad I finally have! “Alone” is a great song. Anna Lynn Williams’ voice reminds me of Aimee Mann at times. The music is gorgeous and the slide guitar is very sexy.

Ah onto Terami…a personal favorite. Here she reworked her song “The Breathing” which appeared on her CD, “To The Bone”. If you prefer your Terami straight up (with no techno beats) this is the one for you. It’s fabulous and flawless. But I’d love her if she played chopsticks.

I had also not heard Greta Gertler previously either. Wow, was I missing out. Beautiful vocals. When she soars into the chorus and the music crescendos I get goose bumps.*shiver*

Monica Schroeder was also new to me….and another WOW! What an incredible voice. “Arms Around Me” is a absolutely luxurious song and a perfect way to end the CD (though I didn’t want it to end).

This is a fabulous compilation. If you love the female voice (and you probably do or you wouldn’t be here) this is one release you can’t afford to miss.

Posted on August 11, 2003

Track Listing
1. Mr. T – Gramophone
2. Madeleine – Alice Marie
3. Something More – Outloud Dreamer
4. Unstamped – Beth Boucher
5.Ride – Andrea Klas
6.Gulf of Mexico – Cameron Dezen
7. Alone – Trespassers William
8.The Breathing – Terami Hirsch
9.Everyone Wants to Adore You – Greta Gertler
10.Arms Around Me – Monica Schroeder


Rating: 4 Stars
I second that review of Greta Gertler’s track. If you have contacts in Australia, have them seek out a copy of her band Peccadillo’s album “Little Sins”. Its a total delight of beautiful, delicate pop.
~ ScaryDan

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