Album Review: Undone by Artemis

Album Name: Undone
Artist: Artemis
Year/Label: 2002 / Rtm Records

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Artemis’ debut is brief, but lovely. She belongs in the wide electronica field where she has carved her own niche. Occasionally she recalls Ray of Light-era Madonna.

The opener “Charming Gun” is a good example of this with its cool beats and Artemis’ soft voice in fine form.

“Changing Sky” is lushly orchestrated and has hard driving beats. Artemis lets loose vocally to fine effect. It sounds not unlike recent Björk songs.

“Beside U” is slow and atmospheric. Its jazzy textures make it a delight to hear. The closing “Don’t Look Back” is a nice way to end the album.

Here’s hoping there’s much more to come.

Posted on October 20, 2002

Track Listing
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1. Charming Gun
2. Changing Sky
3. Supernatural
4. Undone
5. Slow Progression
6. Beside U
7. Don’t Look Back

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