Album Review: Uppers and Downers by Fisher

Album Name: Uppers and Downers
Artist: Fisher
Year/Label: 2007 / Independent

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Fisher is Kathy Fisher and Ron Wasserman. They have made an album of uptempo and downtempo songs and divided it into two discs.

The “Uppers” CD showcases Fisher’s gift for writing catchy pop songs. Kathy Fisher has a rich voice that comes to its right here.

The radio-friendly “Oblivious” sounds like a hit. It has a memorable chorus and a sunny mood.

The electronic sounding “Jimmy” is very nice song.

Fisher’s cover of Aeromsith’s “Dream On” is unexpected and gives the song a new dimension. Kathy sings it powerfully.

“Temptation” has a hypnotic groove and a sad lyric. It’s one of the disc’s standouts.

The “Downers” CD is a good record to unwind to.

“Heaven’s Time” is a sweet song that reminds me of Sarah McLachlan. Kathy’s dreamy voice and Ron’s tasteful instrumentation work wonders.

“Ordinary Moment” is a sensitive piano ballad that was co-written by the gifted singer Anet (also known as Annette Ducharme).

The dramatic “Missing” has a lovely melody and some nifty piano playing.

It’s an odd way to make an album, but it does work and Fisher have enough good songs of both kinds for it to be a great listening experience.

Posted on December 13, 2002

Track Listing
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Disc: 2
1. Different Kind of Wonderful
2. Oblivious
3. Jimmy
4. Dirty Girl
5. Nothing is Real
6. Closer
7. Dream On
8. Temptations
9. Remind Me
10. Don’t Wanna Love You
11. L-O-V-E

Disc: 2
1. How We Met
2. Heaven’s Time
3. My Fantasy
4. Miss Ophelia
5. Ordinary Moment
6. February 1994
7. Missing
8. Rianna
9. Miss Kathleen
10. Good Intentions
11. Too Late
12. Believe in Something

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Rating: 5 Stars
I think that the production of their album was pretty pro. But I don’t think that Kathy Fisher is deserving of any real attention unless you like wanta be’s and not really talented people. I thought that wassaman’s attempt was fair. But Kathy is not an unusual talent, and Wassaman is not a great composer or anything. He is semi talented. I would really like to hear the real geniuses of the world then just wanta be’s like Fisher.

Rating: I have not heard the CD yet, so I can’t rate it
Comment on the comment: I said I wouldn’t post anything that was rude, and I guess it’s not. Robert has a right to express his opinion regarding the CD and Fisher. But I am a little confused as to why it got 5 stars then he basically ripped it a new one. I’m pretty sure it’s clear that 5 means fantastic! Oh well.


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