Album Review: Whiskey Thoughts by Greta Gaines

Album Name: Whiskey Thoughts
Artist: Greta Gaines
Year/Label: 2008 / Justice Records

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Note: I am hoping this will be on CDBaby and the links provided here will be correct, the release date is July 29, 2008

Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

First of all, love the title, love the cover photo. Looks like me on a given Friday night…well, if I were skinny and gorgeous. I also love that though this is a CD, she has listed the tracks as if it were an LP, side one and side two and given them clever names.

As I’ve said previously, I am not a huge fan of country music. So this review isn’t going to be as in depth as you might find on a country centered website. I can really only listen to a few of these types of songs in one sitting. But that said, she’s very good.

She has a great voice, perfect for the material. She sings with a wealth of emotion. She sometimes does that talk-singing thing (on L is 4 L-O-S-E-R) which I generally don’t care for, but she does it well.

The songs are well written and have even me tapping my toes. Her lyrics are clever and humorous.
I especially like the opening (and title) track, Whiskey Thoughts.

Reading her bio, she seems like a very interesting person. Along with being a musician, she’s a music television host (had her own shows on MTV and ESPN), a pro-snowboarder and a fly fisher. Her father is a novelist; her mother an artist and beauty queen. Whew!

With extended listens I am hearing this as more of a country rock album that just straight up country. I think this will appeal to many.

Track Listing
Listen to track samples
Side One: Drivin’ Songs

1. Whiskey Thoughts
2. Hey Evan
3. Dirty Blonde
4. Armageddon Love Song (Under a Texas Sky)
5. L is 4 L-O-S-E-R
6. Love is Twisted

Side Two: Cryin’ Songs
7. Falling James
8. Say Grace
9. Braggart
10. The Willie Waltz (featuring Willie Nelson)
11. I’m High
12. Warrior


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