Album Review:No Passing Zone by Frances Mai-Ling

Album Name: No Passing Zone
Artist: Frances Mai-Ling
Year/Label: 2002 / Independent

Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

“No Passing Zone” is Frances Mai-Ling’s 8th Independent release (see her Spotlight for complete discography).

This is a nice moody CD filled with lovely piano music. Frances is an accomplished composer with a couple of Shakespeare play’s scores under her belt. She plays very well with intricate quick finger work and interesting melodies.

“Spite” is one of my favorites with its upbeat sound that makes me want to dance around.

“Bring Me To” is also really cool. It’s eerie and soothing at the same time. She then pops right into the lively and almost staccato-ish “Did, Diana” which is a change of pace, but a cool song too.

A lot of these songs remind me of my younger days when my mother owned a ballet studio in our home and there was classical music going on constantly. This music is perfect for that. But even if you don’t ballet dance, it’s a lovely recording.

Posted on November 26, 2002

Track Listing

1. Lower than the Sun
2. Not to Be This Way
3. Understatement
4. Spite
5. Trios
6. Waltzy
7. Mellow
8. Smoke
9. Ballad
10. Bring Me Too
11. Did, Diana

[Frances Mai-Ling Official Site]

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