Album Spotlight: The Holidays at Home by Various Artists


Album Name: The Holidays at Home

Artist: Various Artists

Year/Label: 2006 / Independent

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This album is a compilation of women singer-songwriters to benefit Children’s International. It was sent to me by the man who put it all together, Raymond Steiner. It began with an email from him telling me about his compilation projects. He mentioned that many of the artists he has on his compilations are ones featured on Collected Sounds. Intrigued I agreed to give them a listen.

Along with this album, he sent along Back Home and Home. Reading the names of the artists is like a Who’s Who of Collected Sounds. I am really enjoying them. And anyone who finds this site in tune (so to speak) with what they tend to listen to most owes it to themselves to get all these CDs. The best part is it’s helping a very worthy cause, Children’s International.

I didn’t know as many names on this album as I did on some of the others. But it’s a great album and this is a fantastic selection of artists. This not just a rehash of artists singing traditional Christmas songs. This is a line up of original songs sung by wonderful artists.

The packaging is great too. It comes with a booklet with the lyrics to all the songs, photos of the artists and links to their sites. This whole project is so well done.

Kerry Getz, whom I had not heard of before, reminds me a lot of Dar Williams.

Being a fan of Marina V it’s no surprise hers is one of my favorite tracks. It’s simply beautiful.

Anika Paris is another one I wasn’t familiar with but her song is really cool.

I am not going to go through all the songs because that would take forever and likely boring for you. I’ll just say these are all gems and this is one record I will be listening to a lot this season.

Track Listing

Listen to track samples while you read
1 You Are My Holiday — Susan Greenbaum
2 It’s a Wonderful Life — Kerry Getz
3 At Christmastime — Red Letter
4 Sing About Angels — Mare Wakefield
5 All Around Me — Karen Jacobsen
6 Christmas Song — Lizanne Knott
7 Waiting For Snow to Fall — Anna Dagmar
8 Merry, Merry Christmas –Brooke Ramel
9 Christmas Time — Noelle Hampton
10 It Must Be Christmas Time — Nadine Goellner
11 On This Christmas Night — Marina V
12 Merry Christmas to Ya — Anika Paris
13 Christmas Eve — Kellee Bradley
14 Away — Sarah Lentz
15 Snow Is Falling… — Pale Beneath the Blue
16 Welcome Child — Katie Reider

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