Album Review: Banned in America by Jade

“Kiss Me” reminds me of Evanescence so I’m thinking…cool. Then the next song sounds more like J-Lo…not cool.

“Lay Me Down” is very top 40/pop sounding.

“Three Blind Mice” is downright disco-ish (and she uses some goofy voice) but it’s pretty interesting and has a kind of haunting quality. Haunting disco? I know.

I think she can’t decide who she wants to be. But she has a good voice. So once she does decide I think she’ll be pretty good.

Track List
1. Kiss Me
2. Victim Of Love
3. Lay Me Down
4. Three Blind Mice
5. Throw Me A Line
6. My Love Is Black
7. If I Catch My Breath
8. Butterfly
9. Always
10. I Am Alive
11. Please Don’t Touch Me

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