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I just got a note from Priscilla Hernandez. She was letting me know that a Spanish newspaper did a story on her and they visited her website, saw my review of her amazing record and they used my name (and the site name) in their article.

[Here the online version]

Sweeeeet!!! I don’t speak/read Spanish, so I have no idea what the article says, but I’m going to try to translate it.

[Here’s the review] It’s a fabulous record that I still listen to with some regularity.

To read a translation click read more:

This is what Babelfish says, it’s not perfect, but you get the idea.

“One received the master’s degree in Biology, but what it liked it was to draw fairies and to compose. Priscilla Hernandez did not take then in becoming first illustrator and, soon, the 2002, singer of those magicians and spectral letters that as much time took writing. It hung his music in Internet and it obtained two million unloadings, so nine different discográficas proposed a “abusive contract to him”, says, that it rejected to found his own seal, Yidneth. In the 2006 it removed his first work, Ancient shadows: the ghost and the fairy, with which age competes in the Prizes of Music to the best disc new and in the Angels Music Awards like better feminine vocalista and better song (The realms of twilight). “the awards grant this Sunday in the same theater of Gold Globes, but I do not have record nor espónsor that finance the trip to me”, it is lamented. Six days later, and like member of platform PAE, he will be in Razzmatazz unfolding his wings is literal and it also designs she herself — in a recital in whom they will not lack projections, of his responsibility. Perhaps the name of this canary settled down in Barcelona does not appear in the press nor in most of magazines specialized Spanish, but in the United States, Great Britain, France and Germany the means are many that have surrendered to their spells. Waiting for to the ghost “Etéreas inmortales songs with a humor of romantic yearning and a touch of gothic shade…/a suspended feminine voice in the air before an impenetrable cloud bank”, wrote Paul Jury in Morpheos Music. “This artist could be on the verge of defining a new sort of music”, loosen to Bill Bright in Gods of Music. “She is wonderful. It makes wish me to seat to me in the ground of my old Victorian house, to extinguish the lights, to ignite candles and to hope to that the ghosts come to by me “, assured Amy Lotsbert in Collected sounds. By the way, she admits that she is a “self-taught person of music”. And that in spite of its angelical and suggestive voice, never imagined like singer.”

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