Concert: Garrison Starr/Latona’s Thirst in Minneapolis

Artist: Garrison Starr

Date: July 1, 2002

Opening Act: Latona’s Thirst, Tierney

Venue: 400 Bar

City: Minneapolis, MN

Review by [Amy Lotsberg] Producer of Collected Sounds

We arrived during Tierney’s set and sadly I missed a few of her songs, but I heard enough to be very impressed. It was just she, her guitar and her beautiful voice. I would consider her folk but with a lovely pop feeling as well. Since I had never heard of her I didn’t know any of her songs, but they were all very nice. After chatting with she and her companions I was told, “She’s only 18! She just got out of high school! That’s why you’ve never heard of her.” I purchased her CD (which I will do a review of soon) and offered to do a Spotlight her here. I expect to hear great things from her in the future.

Next up was Garrison Starr. Now I was already a fan of Starr’s because a few months ago she played First Avenue. Though I didn’t get to see the show, I have a friend who works there and he got me a copy of her CD for review and I really enjoyed it. You can see the review here:

Live, she doesn’t disappoint. She’s lively, engaging and funny as hell. She was joined by her bass guitarist, Kerry who plays an 8-string bass and was amazing. They make fantastic music together.

She mentioned that her manager tells her not to talk so much, “Less Talk, More Rock” he says to her. I’m going to suggest that she not listen to him on that point. I am of the belief that I can listen to the music anytime as long as I have the CD. When I see someone play live I want to know more of what they are about. I want to know what inspired the song. I want to hear the funny stories. I’m there for the music too, of course, but the chitchat is just as entertaining to me. Especially if the artist is a good storyteller and Starr certainly is. She sang about 10 or 11 songs and after each one ended with, “Thanks, Y’all”. Here’s the play list as well as I could figure it out at the time (and then read my own writing afterwards which was difficult because I’d had a few glasses of wine and was writing in pitch dark.

Latona’s Thirst was next.

The group consists of twin sisters who both sing, one plays guitar. They normally have a full band with them but tonight it was just the ladies. They have beautiful harmonies and sound gorgeous together.

They began with a Counting Crows song (though I can’t remember the name of it.)

Then moved into some of their own songs. I particularly like, “Sometimes Especially”. They also did a cover of “Every Little Things She Does” which was quite nice.

Sadly, we couldn’t stay for their whole show because it was a weeknight and way past my bedtime, but I’d love to catch them live next time.

Set list

Something’s Gotta Change
Big Sky
(Told a Dog attack story)
Serves Me Right
5 Minutes
It’s Close Enough (?)
Hey Girl (about embarrassing yourself)
Raging Fire
What I’m There For (?) (Bass played didn’t know song, but kept up beautifully)
Knucklehead (written after coming back from a meeting with a record exec asking her to write a song in the third person)
Silent Night
End of Me

[Garrison Starr Official Site]

**Note: I know it says that Latona’s Thirst opened, and Garrison Starr headlined but it looks the opposite. That’s because the 400 Bar put the “headliner” on first on school nights so us lamo Minnesotans can get to bed early.

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