Concert: Nerina Pallot in Manchester

Artist: Nerina Pallot

Date: January 29, 2007

Venue: Manchester Academy

City: Manchester, England

Review by [David Adair]

With a BRIT Award nomination and a plethora of complimenting reviews on top of ample radio play, the playful Nerina Pallot would have been easily for given for commencing this intimate solo show, with a somersault and a curtsey. However, the humbleness and longing that seeps out in the maudlin piano solo of ‘Idaho’ must have taken grip of the amiable lasses’ emotions. The leading lady is content to humbly amble on to stage and unassumingly take pride of place in front of a piano. The opener is also the standout track from her independent album, ‘Fires’ that had to be re-released after reaching the top ten on I-tunes. This was first released on Nerina’s own label, Idaho.

The reflective, but warm ambience soon takes a firm hold on the audience and artist’s minds alike, floating around like controversy after a reality show on Channel 4. “This song is about shagging”, is a common phrase through the night. The playful enchantress seeks to breakdown the spine tingling intimacy she creates through her Tori Amos range and adeptness. Giving the acoustic guitar a relaxation session early on, stroking it tenderly. This is prevalent in the swooning pop ballad of ‘All Good People’, being stoked out with tenderness for an uplifting retreat into the mindset of a life-hugging thinker.

“I’m losing the fight, or the fight’s losing me I’m not certain.”

The self-confessed hippy espouses in the escape of ‘Damascus’, allowing for relaxation her vocal gait, making the most of the tight surroundings to create wistfulness and produce poetic meandering to drift away to. A return to the Beth Orton veined earlier work is well timed in ‘Blood Is Blood’, as a mockery is made of the pressure of performing such intimate material solo style. Cheeky crowd banter and a selfless appreciation of her technical team also facilitates the build up to the Shania Twain protest pearl, ‘Everybody’s Gone To War’, ensuring deserving adoration upon her exit for brief interlude. Rightly, proceedings close with the gripping, soul reaping sojourn ‘Sophia’. Nerina’s second coming is completed with heart, passion and sincerity, but will it be enough to help this true BRIT, attain a BRIT Award?

Rating; 4/5

[Nerina Pallot Official Site]

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