Concert: Rachael Sage at Collected Sounds

Artist: Rachael Sage

Date: April 15, 2005 at 7:30pm

Venue: Collected Sounds Living Room

City: Minneapolis, MN

Collected Sounds was more than happy to have the Fabulous Ms Sage return to the Living Room.
As expected, she was charming, witty, feathery, and glittery and all around fun.

Set List

Set One:
1. Trouble
2. Lonely Streets
3. Paper Plane
4. What if
5. Sister song
6. My Word
7. Wildflower
8. Bravedancing

Set two
1. Calypso
2. Come on Over
3. Sacrifice
4. Cyanide and Cinnamon
5. Alright OK
6. It’s so Hard
7. Burning Witch
8. Screamsinging (Spoken Word)
9. Violet or Blue

[Rachael Sage Official Site]

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