Well, Rachael Sage was fantastic, as expected. She was silly, chatty, warm, friendly, sweet and highly entertaining. Really, if you have not had the pleasure of seeing her live, you must.
[Go to her site right now]
and find out if she’s coming to your town soon and if so, go go go.

She did tell me that she doesn’t always talk so much throughout the songs in other places, but does here. Must be something about the atmosphere. 🙂 She literally talks through the songs, as in “la la la…that reminds me…” and then goes into a story while she is still playing. It’s hilarious.

She apologized for doing that but honstly, I love that. I mean I can hear the song in it’s entirety on the CD, when I see someone live I want to see more of THEM.

What a fun entertainer.

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