Concert: Terami Hirch at Collected Sounds (2008)

Artist: Terami Hirsch

Date: June 6. 2008

Venue: Collected Sounds Living Room

City: Minneapolis, MN

We hosted Terami Hirsch on Friday night. I have been a fan of Terami since she sent me an email back in 2000. I’ve seen her play live a few times (not enough!) and even traveled out to California once to see her and Vienna Teng play a show together. But I’ve been trying to arrange another house concert here for the last five years (she was last here in 2003) but she hadn’t been on a tour at this part of the country since. So this was long awaited and very exciting.

Terami started the show and was wonderful as always. We set up Greg’s lap top to record. The whole time I was thinking ‘I can’t wait to listen to this later!’ only to find out that when he went to hit save at the end, the computer crashed and lost everything.

Luckily I was recording it in video form on my lap top. The sound quality is poor but at least I have something to remember it by. I’m going to try and splice it up and post it on YouTube per Terami’s request. (link to her video)

Those of you who have heard both Terami’s older stuff and now her newer know that there is one major change. Her voice. Where before it was charming and quirky (and I loved it) it is now strong, clear and spectacular. It sounds even better live, if that’s possible. She mentioned to us that she believes she sill has three years of lessons left, but I hardly believe that. I can’t imagine what she’ll sound like then!

She played only stuff from To the Bone onward, but she did play Stained. Prefacing it with “Amy, I think you like this one…I may be wrong but…” Of course she’s not wrong, I love everything of hers I have heard. This was a different version. It seemed slower and more emotional. Very nice.

She talked a lot and one thing that was really cool is that one of the guests, Brian, asked her some really good questions.

He asked about her process and how each of albums is different.

Another thing that struck me and perhaps it was because the mood of the evening was pretty mellow, but it seemed that most of the songs she played, she did at a slower pace than the recorded versions.

After the show we sat around and talked and ate cheese and crackers and cookies. It was a small crowd but a nice and attentive one. It was great to meet the two new guys, Brian and Adam. You guys are great and I hope we see you again soon!

We discussed how we could make it possible for her to come back in less than 5 years. Brian suggested having people pre-pay so we’re sure she’d make enough to pay for the transportation. So that’s a possibility. Either way, I just hope we can see her again soon!

Set List
The Collector
Coming Around
Time Machine
Better Times
Never Go Back
Battle for Infinite Time
Fable Moon
Paperweight/What I Didn’t See
Little Light
A Broke Machine

[Terami Hirsch Official Site]

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