Finally one of “My Girls” on American Idol!

I am usually a casual viewer of American Idol. I often don’t like the music they sing, and I am much more interested in musicians and composers rather than singers. Plus sometimes I want to punch the judges. But I have a little crush on Ryan Seacrest (please don’t judge me, he’s cute and funny) so last night I watched.

I wondered how long it would be before someone I knew showed up there. Well, I don’t really *know* her, but I reviewed an album by Beth Stalker awhile back. It had a religious aspect to it which is usually a bit of a turn off for me but I actually liked it because she had such a nice voice. [Here’s my review]

Check out her site while it’s still online. I think if she goes further, they will remove it [Here] Actually I read that they are (in real life) already down to the top 12 so since her site is still up, I am guessing she didn’t make it that far. Which is sad, I kind of hoped that for once I’d have someone to root for.

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