I’m outta here….and Sarah playing live!

I get Google Alerts for several different things, one of them being the name Sarah McLachlan. Today I got this one:

Ice Cream
Ice Cream-Sarah McLachlan. Your love is better than ice cream better than anything else that I’ve tried and your love is better than ice cream everyone here know how to fight. and it’s a long way down it’sa long way down …
Best Wedding Songs – http://www.best-wedding-songs.com/

On a Best Wedding Songs site! Coincidentally, I had that song played for my wedding, which took place in Scotland 10 years ago next week. And I am leaving tomorrow for a trip back there to celebrate. Yes, I am bringing the hubby.

So I may not be able to post for awhile. I leave you in the capable hands of my right hand lady Anna Maria. You can still email me and I might get it (not sure what the internet situation will be there) or I’ll respond when I get back.

Oooh ooh, and if any of you are in Edinburgh area, email me (amy at collectedsounds dot com) and maybe we can meet up for a pint or something. 🙂

Have a great week!

Oh and speaking of Sarah, she performed last night in Canada at a human rights awareness concerts headlined by Cyndi Lauper. Read reviews here:

[Vancouver Sun]

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