Judith Owen on The Current

I got in the car this morning to go to work, flipped on the best radio station we have in Minneapolis, The Current, and heard a lovely British female voice talking about the sorry state of the music industry. I listened intently trying to figure out who it was but came up empty. Then at a break the DJs announced it was Judith Owen. I guess I’d only heard her music, not her speaking voice.

I reviewed Judith Owen’s CD, Limited Edition back in 2002 and I really enjoyed it. Something strange happened regarding that too. When I became a CDBaby affiliate I used to check my status (sales) frequently and every single month I would sell at least one copy of this CD. Every single month. It seemed so random. There are so many artists that the fact that my site would generate a sale of one particular (and let’s face it, in 2002, largely unknown) musician every single month for years was really weird to me. I actually assumed it was one super fan who bought one copy per month just to support her.

But I digress…She played a song called Creatures of Habit. It must have been 5 years since I’ve heard that CD, but this song is on it and I recognized it immediately.

Listen to the whole show [at the Current’s Website]

Read the review of [Limited Edition]

Judith’s [Spotlight]

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