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Kind of Brave Album Art

I just wanted to share this with you. I listened to her samples today and I LOVE it!!!
You can listen to the music on SoundCloud [here]

She was recently on Jimmy Fallon too! It was a bit where 3 people have to write a song based on a song title they’re given. It’s pretty cool.

and if you want to know how the third person did (he was pretty funny)…[go here]


Press Release

Kat Quinn releases EP, Kind of Brave

New York Singer/Songwriter and recent Jimmy Fallon guest follows acclaimed debut EP

Singer/songwriter Kat Quinn has released her second EP, Kind of Brave, an alluring, four-song collection that captures many sides to the songwriter. This release marks her emergence as one of the most promising up-and-comers in indie pop music.

Kat’s music found the national spotlight after being featured in the film Happily After, the soundtrack for which won a Gold Medal of Excellence at the Park City Film Festival. She was also recently chosen to perform on [Late Night with Jimmy Fallon] to much acclaim. “I was just blown away with Kat’s voice and songwriting,” said Peter Calo (Carly Simon producer/music director), “the range of her material takes you from serious life observing to tongue in cheek humor. Just wonderful.”

Kind of Brave reflects the emotional journey Kat has taken over the past few years. “I wanted each song to feed the listener in a different way,” said Kat Quinn, “and I feel like I got that with this record.” The EP opens with a joyful ukulele tune about letting go of fears as if they were “love letters on paper planes.” But Kat doesn’t shy away from digging into darker feelings, posing the question “do I take comfort in the pain or in the numbing?” in her song “The Door.” “It’s an emotive, beautifully written and recorded EP,” said Heidi Fisher of Sing For Your Supper, “If you’re a big fan of The Staves and Ingrid Michaelson, you’ll love this!”

“This Massachusetts native is quickly making a name for herself in the Big Apple” (Indie Music Reviewer Magazine). The creator of the iPhone App, VoxBox, was so taken with Kat’s music that he invited her to star in an ad for the app, where she sings her song “What Love Feels Like.” Her live performances have won praise for her easy-going charisma and warm, sensitive vocals, sharing stages with national acts like Ari Hest and international hit Jonathan Edwards. In addition to her own shows this spring, Kat will be touring as part of the Carole King Songbook series in March.

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