New Meaghan Smith

Back in 2010 I went crazy for Meaghan Smith’s The Cricket’s Orchestra. I still listen to it.

Well, today I found out that she’s got new music out!

I gotta say, it’s quite a departure from The Cricket’s Orchestra
Here’s her single, Have a Heart:

Apparently it’s out on iTunes, however when I search to get a link for you it won’t come up.
So just go to iTunes using the button below and then search for her. Man, iTunes is pissing me off today!!

Apple iTunes

I have to say I’m disappointed in her marketing team (the email came from Warner Music). There is no link to her website, I had to go to Google and search for her, and there’s no mention of her new album’s name or release date (which I can’t find on her website either).

Check out her site, maybe you’ll have better luck with the info. If you find out anything please post in comments.
[Meaghan Smith]

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