Album Review: Katya by Katya


Album Name: Katya

Artist: Katya

Year/Label: 2005 / Independent

Track Listing

1. Bitch & Moan
2. Plugged In
3. Laying In My Bed
4. Mercedes Benz
5. JLY (featuring Stephen Perkins of Jane’s Addiction)
6. Like A Dream (a love song)
7. Over Your Head
8. Hand In Fist
9. Weeper
10. White Stork Spreads Its Wings
11. Glue
12. When All The Days Bleed Into One
13. So Fabulous
14. Kansas

The first song is called “Bitch and Moan” You gotta love a record that starts like that right out of the gate. Plus there’s a photo of her on website where she’s sitting on the floor literally surrounded by doggies.

Now I’m not a fan of hard rock music and I don’t know how to play guitar, but it seems to be she’s pretty darn good. Since she’s gotten some endorsement deals I’d say that’s probably correct.

It’s not really my favorite genre, but I can appreciate that Katya is a very talented woman. If you like this sort of thing I think you could give her a spin.

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