Album Review: Racing Grey by Steven Mark


Album Name: Racing Grey

Artist: Steven Mark

Year/Label: 2007 / Bassett Records

I reviewed Steven Mark’s previous release,Aloneaphobe and I really liked it.

Like his previous release, these songs have nice pop melodies and intelligent lyrics. They’re catchy and friendly.

Some of the songs are a little retro 70s sounding, which since that was a great decade for pop, is totally fine.

I especially like Forever Tonight. I also like his cover of Always Something There To Remind Me. It’s slower and sweeter than the 80s version. Paris Hilton Generation is great too. Very apt.

While his sound is reminiscent of a bunch of great popsters, his voice is pretty unique. Together it makes a nice package.

Track Listing

1 Abingdon Square
2 Numb Yourself Inside
3 Forever Tonight
4 Our Sun Must Set
5 So Look Away
6 Take Your Place Now
7 Gods On High
8 Always Something There To Remind Me
9 Angel’s Worlds
10 Father Journeys On
11 I Never Saw You
12 Paris Hilton Generation
13 The Mountain

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