Movie Review: Shut Up & Sing by Dixie Chicks

Album Name: Shut Up & Sing
Artist: Dixie Chicks
Year/Label: 2006 / Woolly Puddin’ Films

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

I’ve never been a huge fan of the Dixie Chicks’ music, but when that whole Bush fiasco happened I was actually quite supportive of them. I do believe that we should be able to say whatever we want. So I happily agreed to review this movie when the opportunity arose.

We open with them in the recording or at least a practice studio practicing, and reading stuff about themselves on line. They’re taking it all in stride and kind of goofing about it. But they talk about how people behind the anonymity of the internet feel they can say whatever they want even if it’s awfully mean. Boy do I understand that! You may not realize it but I get hate mail all the time. Just because I didn’t like some crappy band or record. But I digress…

We then see some footage of them being praised getting sponsorships, people cheering for them, them singing the national anthem at a game. But then we go to London where it all happened. The words, “We’re ashamed that the president is from Texas” are greeting with crazy applause and cheers. Then we see the backlash.

What was surprising to me is that their manager actually wanted the controversy. He said something like, “wouldn’t it be great if there were burning CDs?”

But then they start to realize that it could actually be good for their careers. Their publicist gets a little scared, even saying, “I think you’re giving too much credit to the American public” which made me chuckle.

The rest of the film is really more of just their tour, Emily having her babies, etc.

It was especially fun for me to see Dan Wilson. He co-wrote a lot of the songs on the new album (the one that just won a bunch of Grammys) and he’s from my hometown. I’ve been a fan of his since the 80s.

Anyone who’s not totally enamored with Natalie Mains after watching this isn’t’ breathing. She’s so charming and hilarious!

It’s very interesting to see what happens when someone speaks their mind and there are a lot of people that disagree. Of course in this case there are a lot who now do agree.

This is a really interesting film. I think that it’s a fun watch even if you aren’t a fan of the music. You just might be by the time it’s over!

Posted on February 25, 2007

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