Mystery *SOLVED* Video


I need your help.

Several months ago I was given a download link by one of my contacts in The Biz. I was supposed to download a package of videos that were for the artist I was helping to promote. Well, somehow the packet was mislabeled and it did not contain the videos it was supposed to. It contained this one instead.

Ever since then I’ve been trying to figure out who this is. I’ve even turned to my favorite online community of music lovers and even though over 100 people looked at the video, none could tell me who it is. So I open it up to you….

Whos is this?! {URL REMOVED} Please post comments!!! Please, kids, I’m desperate!

UPDATE: Some lovely person on Ecto found out for me. It’s Jenifer Aubry. So I’ve removed the video from YouTube because since it wasn’t mine I didn’t know if it was OK to have it up there. You can probably watch it from her site.You can buy it here

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