Podcast Rec :: Giving it Up for Less

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Meet my new best friend, Lauren Ash*.


Do you watch Superstore? Do you know the character Dina? THAT”s her, and she’s awesome.


The tagline is “the podcast about oversharing” and it sure delivers. This is one of those shows where you listen and feel like you’re sitting in the room chatting with friends. 


Her guests are often people she knows, but occasionally she invites people that she knows of, but doesn’t know personally yet and it’s fun to ‘watch’ them become friends.


Each episode has a theme, like Middle School Traumas, Pet Owner Fails, Hellish Holidays, etc.


She’s just the coolest. She talks fast, loves Prosecco and is hilarious.


*I know I can’t be best friends with her because her bestie is Leslie Seiler, but a gal can dream.





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