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I’ve been thinking about podcast recommendations lately and there are just so many good ones. Hopefully, I will get to all my favorites. But I’m also trying to rotate between my favorite genres: True Crime, Interviews, Horror, Radio Drama, Self-help/Education, Lifestyle, Sleep help, Paranormal, and Comedy. It might be easier to list the genres I am not into. Anyway, I’m trying to balance it all out.

So it looks like we’re due for a Radio Drama. So today I recommend to you, The Truth. I just listened to the two most recent episodes this morning and they were both very good! But I’ve heard them all. This is one of the few podcasts that I am up to date on and look forward to the new releases.
This podcast is a collection of short fictional stories, performed by a reoccurring group of actors. Most of the stories are written by the same talented group of people.

The Truth Podcast

Some of my favorite episodes.

  • Wonderworld U.S.A.
  • The Saint of Machine
  • The Unremarkables
  • The Curse of Numb

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