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Aldous Harding

Have you ever gone down a rabbit hole on YouTube? You know, when you go there to watch just one video in particular and then it automatically plays another one right after that, that it thinks you will like and pretty soon it’s 3am? *
Well, I was goofing around on YouTube recently and came upon the song, “The Barrel”.

I was immediately mesmerized. I had questions. “What the heck is she doing? What is with the arms? Is she talking about…peaches?” But I could not look away.

Later in the day the song was still swimming around in my head and I scrambled to get back to YouTube to watch it again, and to learn more about the artist, Aldous Harding.

Wikipedia says she was born Hanna Sian Topp in New Zealand, but currently lives in Cardiff, Wales. She was set to perform at the End of the Road festival (with the Pixies!) but it’s been postponed to 2021. There’s not much else in the way of personal info readily available.

I added her album Designer, to my Amazon music playlist, Ladies Night, which is where I put the artists I’ve loved for a long time as well as my discoveries. So head on over there to listen if you wish!

I’ve been listening to all her songs all day and it’s official. I love her. Maybe you will too.
Aldous Harding

Give her a listen and let me know what you think!!

Aldous Harding on Social:
Official Site
Listen on Spotify
YouTube Channel

*if this is of interest to you, stay tuned for my next podcast recommendation.

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